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Supplier Of Garbage Bags To live in a clean, litter-free environment is a basic human right. Unhygienic surroundings that have rotting garbage exposed to the elements attract harmful diseases and epidemics. Such garbage elements are needed to be recycled. Disposable items, such as plastic bags and garbage bags, help us to dispose waste products in a hygienic and eco-friendly manner. Plastic bags and garbage bags are made from recycled material and do not cause any harm to the environment, which makes them the perfect material to dispose garbage. M/s JKD Enterprises is one of the leading disposable products manufacturers and wholesalers in Mumbai, India. With a commitment to a clean, eco-friendly environment, JKD has developed a range of high quality disposables that are economical as well. Be it paper cups or other disposable items, we manufacture them with an eye on a clean environment. We are one of the leading paper cups manufacturers as well and offer customized cups. These items can be used in a variety of environments. For instance, if there is a celebratory event, paper cups can be used to serve the guests, and can then be disposed without littering the environment. Disposable cups and bags play a very important role in keeping our environment clean and disease free. SIZE AVAILABLE: Sizes Pieces Sizes in Inch. Small 30 bags 19" X 21" Medium 14 bags 25" X 30" Big 10 bags 29" X 39" Big Jumbo 10 bags 33" X 43" Custom Loose 30"X 40" Custom Loose 30"X50" JKD ENTERPRISES Gala No. 7, A-Wing, Gautam Nagar, H. Co. Op. Soc., Road No. 8, MIDC, Andheri(East), Mumbai-400093
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